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Introduction to facilities

  • Successfully proven by subway cars in New York manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (R142, R143).
  • Also successfully proven by vehicles in Hong Kong manufactured by Kinki Sharyo.
Features of the 3D pipe bender
(Pipes can be bent as desired by rotating the ceramic die guide three-dimensionally.)

When you use the 3D pipe bender, the back side of the bended portion does not become thinner, which is caused by conventional bending machines. Thereby, the strength of the pipe can be maintained. The 3D pipe bender allows us to bend pipes three-dimensionally as desired and beautifully. In addition, you do not need metal molds according to different bend radii, helping reduce costs. Unlike conventional bending machines, the 3D pipe bender imposes few restrictions on designing, allowing designers to develop products based on their creative ideas without any compromise. In the past, to bend a pipe into a complex 3D radial shape, it has been necessary to use a pipe bender and rolling mill or press machine in a complex way, which requires many man-hours. With our machine, you can achieve a desired shape with one application, significantly improving the productivity as well as the appearance quality.

Pipe sizes that can be processed
Bend radius
The machine is capable of processing pipes with 19Ø to 42.6Ø. The size that can be processed is determined based on the die guide in stock.
  • 25Ø: t1.5  t2.0  t3.0
  • 30Ø: t2.0  t3.0
  • 32Ø: t2.0  t3.0
  • 34Ø: t2.0
  • 35Ø: t1.5
*We can also accept custom-made sizes.
The minimum bend radii are as follows:
Both for two- and three-dimensional bending,
1 solid tube R=3 folds of the pipe radius
1 clad tube R=8 folds of the pipe radius
As long as the conditions above are met, it is basically possible to bend any tube. However, as for bending with continuously variable R, prior testing is necessary.
Outline of facilities
Premises: 2,610㎡
Building: 3,460㎡
Machinery and equipment
Shearing Amada DCT-3065 1 unit
Shearing Amada 4 shaku, t4.5 millimeters MAX 1 unit
Bender Amada 8 shaku, 80 tons 1 unit
Corner shear Amada 300 m/m x 300 m/m, t3.2 millimeters 2 units
Pipe bender Taiyo 600Ø 2 units
Origin spot 11A, 3 tons 1 unit
3 rolls Taiyo Bender 1 unit
Oil pressure cylinder 1500AD 3 units
Contour bandsaw Cutting width 500 millimeters 2 units
Mig aluminum welding machine   5 units
Alternating-current tig-argon welding machine   17 units
Resistance welding machine   3 units
Semi-automatic welding machine Co2 2 units
Spot welding machine NAS TOA KD-815 1 unit
Up-and-down sawing machine   1 unit
Belt sander 200 millimeters 3units
Drilling machine   11 units
Three-dimensional pipe bender Nissin FB40M-4000 1 unit
Semi-automatic molding machine   1 unit
Chip saw   3 units
High-speed cutter   5 units
Portable argon welder For 200 V only 1 unit
Portable argon welder For both 200 V and 100 V 1 unit
Air plasma   1 unit
Sawing machine exclusively for aluminum 3N-405SA, W=630 MAX 1 unit
Daido HBS stud welding machine CD-1501 1 unit
Chiyoda EX-400-1 DR bender

φ25: R30, R40, R150
φ30: R30, R50, R80, R100

φ32: R40, R50

1 unit
Shuz Tung CNC52BR3 bender φ30: R50, R80, R100, rolling 1 unit
Blast machine Fuji_Manufacturing SGF-4(B) 1 unit
Hydraulic press machine Washino Engineering PUX25 1 unit