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You can print out schematic drawings of our company's stainless products in PDF file. The original size of each drawing for printing is A3. You can reduce the size according to the paper you use but it is recommended to print them out in A3 size. All files are designed for printing and are not clearly displayed on the monitor screen.

*If you click the product number, you can download and store the self-extract compressed file; if you click the icon, the PDF file is automatically opened and displayed in a browser window.

Japanese-style toilets Western-style toilets Urinals Wash basins Tank
K-3001 K-3001
K-3002 K-3002
K-2001 K-2001
K-2002 K-2002
K-2003 K-2003
YD-6005 YD-6005
B-8817 B-8817
B-302 B-302
S-9001 S-9001
Toilet for pets
PT-0002 ペット用便器
C-8441 C-8441
C-1102 C-1102
M-1001 M-1001
Set of all schematic drawings
Schematic drawings for all products 全図面一括
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