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Parts for railroad cars

Ensuring the safety operation of railroad cars with our high technical capabilities

We manufacture many stainless parts for vehicles of JR and private railway companies carrying many passengers every day. Over the last more than 30 years since we started manufacturing parts for railroad cars, we have maintained our high technical capabilities and high quality that ensure user safety, which is the source of our pride. It should also be noted that, without guidance and advice from those who have been involved, our achievements would not have been possible. Our efforts will continue to be focused on improving the quality of products and introducing innovative technology in the high-mix low-volume manufacturing process.

223 wind direction adjuster 223 exhaust vent E2 bottom cover plate E2 side cover plate
E2 exhaust vent Window frame for JR trains NZT foot rest R142A bracket
Gangplank Cylinder cover Striking block for Kyoto Tozai Line Upper rail for Kintetsu
Wash basin frame for Kintetsu Wash basin frame for Kintetsu Hong Kong perch seat Step for Odakyu
Foot rest Drain funnel Guard bar Guard bar