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Stainless toilets

Unbreakable! Stainless product with excellent low-temperature resistance

Toilet facilities are essential to public facilities and buildings that are constructed with the aim of providing a comfortable and convenient living environment. With conventional ceramic or FRP toilets, there are concerns about breakage and clogging of foreign objects.
To address these problems, we would confidently recommend our stainless toilets. Kyosin Metal Industry has a long successful experience in manufacturing stainless toilets for railway vehicles and ships. Our toilets are equipped with an inspection lid (utility model patent pending) developed by our company, which are designed to help users to remove a foreign object easily. With this specially designed inspection lid, our stainless toilets can be used almost permanently. We offer a wide variety of toilets according to different building plans, including toilets both in Japanese and Western styles, urinals, non-flushing toilets, and wash basins, so as to meet your needs.
Being made of stainless, there is no worry that they may break.
Being made of stainless, they will never be rusted and maintain its beautiful finish.
Easy to clean
You can wash out the floor and toilet.
You can remove foreign objects easily from the inspection lid unique to our products.
The same shape as ceramic products
Water flows well. You can replace an existing ceramic toilet with our stainless product.
Very useful for various purposes
At hospitals, schools, parks, amusement facilities, stations, urban buildings, supermarkets, golf courses, shrines, temples, etc.
Western-style toilets Japanese-style toilets Urinals Toilets for pets Wash basins, etc.